In worship at University Hills, we value …

God’s glory

     Our worship is to and for Him, first and finally and always—“to Him be the glory in the church.” 

God’s initiative

     We love Him because He first loved us. We seek Him because He first sought us. We chose Him because He first chose us.

     We worship Him because He has called us to worship Him and because His Spirit is at work in us to glorify Himself.

     We affirm that God is active in this church and His presence enlivens our worship!

Christ’s centrality

     We proclaim Christ in both song and sermon. All scripture is a testimony to Christ and we want all of our worship to be a testimony to Christ.

The Bible

     We believe that the Bible is totally true and trustworthy. We believe that it is the word of God. So, we read scripture in worship and the preaching is biblical and Christ-centered.

Ethnic Diversity

     Christ has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. He is the one Savior for people of all ethnicities. We want our church and our worship services to reflect that!


     In addition to being of different ethnicities, we are of all ages and from various backgrounds. Though diverse, we are one in Christ and with one voice we glorify God together.


Welcoming Others

     We welcome others into God’s presence—those who already know Him as their Lord and their Friend as well as those who are wondering who He is and whether they could ever know Him.