"Striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel"

University Hills is a church that loves college students. 

We want to strive side by side with you during this exciting and formative time in your life!  

We want to go with you to make the good news about Jesus known on your college campus!

Welcome to Charlotte Cookout!

We are so excited to celebrate the start to an awesome semester with you!  Join us on UNCC's West Quad (near Cone) on Saturday August 24 from 6-8pm!  

We'll have a ton of free food and fun!  

Can't wait to see you there!


We are on campus at CPCC Cato every week.  We have a group that meets to pray together, encourage each other, study the Bible study, and plan ways we can bless and reach the campus.  

The details about when we meet change from semester to semester so shoot a quick email to connect: boriley@universityhills.org

Did you receive this book?

We've been giving this little book out like crazy!  I hope you got one!  If you did and you'd like to talk with someone more about what you're reading here... let me know!  It'd be awesome to hear what you're thinking and to share with you how this message has impacted me personally too.  Just email me at boriley@universityhills.org and we'll go from there!  

If you haven't received this book yet, let me know and we'll get you a copy- FREE!


Hi, my name is Bo!  I get to serve as the pastor to students at University Hills!  I'd love to grab a snack or cup of coffee with you sometime... It'd be awesome to hear your story and answer any questions you have about the church and college ministry.  What do you say?  Click here or my face to email me :)