Who we are....

We are seeking to build a Gospel-centered community of all kinds of college students with University Hills.  We are aiming to do that through...

  • Discipleship: intentional relationships where we hold each other accountable, study the Bible, and encourage each other with the Gospel in order to help us grow to become more like Jesus
  • Community: friends from all walks of life that have come together around and because of Jesus and who are committed to being there for each other
  • Mission: lifestyle of realizing we are sent together to get to know, love, and invite people who are far from God into a relationship with Him through Jesus and into this community

We are all about Jesus and relationships.  We want to know, treasure, and follow Jesus together in a community comprised of college students, younger people, and older people in the context of the local church!  

Breakfast and Bible Study!

Charlotte Reach meets on Sundays at 9:15am in the Connect Hub at University Hills for breakfast and Bible study!  We spend the time encouraging each other and discussing the Bible.  For the fall we are diving into Hebrews!  

After we've studied the Bible, then we think together of ways we can work together the following week to intentionally bless, eat with, and share the Gospel with college students!  

Bo Riley (UHBC Pastor to Students), Joshua Waits (UNCC Senior), and Eden Still (UNCC Junior) are the leaders for Charlotte Reach!  We hope you'll come and check it out this Sunday!

If you have any questions you can reach Bo at boriley@universityhills.org or 704-549-8215.