Serve Gifts Test

"I'd really like to serve on that ministry team!" If you've ever thought that before... there are two things you can do to get started!

First, check the Serve Now page and see what ministry teams you can jump on immediately by simply contacting the leader of that team!

Second, take the Serve Gifts Test below! "The "Serve Gifts Test" is a way to help identify some desires, skills, and spiritual gifts you have that are helpful to the Ministry Involvement Team (MIT) as they seek out people for specific needs and ministry teams at the church.  

So, please take a few minutes and answer these questions below. After you do, press the "Score Test" button. Once you have done that the MIT will have your three top scores recorded so that they can match your desires, skills, and spiritual gifts with ministry needs as they arise in the church.

A test like this can be a helpful step in identifying gifts the Spirit has given you to serve and build up Jesus' church. We further "test" our gifts by actual service and with input from others.