Students: Middle & High School

Our Student Ministry is passionate about Gospel-centered discipleship, which begins in Connect Groups. Every Sunday at 9:15am the students all meet together in the Student Center and then break into smaller groups. The High School Connect Groups follow the Explore the Bible studies. The Middle School Connect Group follows the Bible Studies for Life.  

Any week is a good week to get started in one of these groups! So, this Sunday will be perfect for you to try it out! We'll be looking for you!

There are a ton of ways for students to get involved at University Hills... click HERE for more!

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Connect Groups

Middle School

Leaders for Girls: Christie Bumgardner and Diana Krute

Leaders for Guys: Jamie Bruckmann and Rhett Seel

High School Girls

Leaders: Carol Anne Bruckmann, Erin Price, and Bethany Wakefield

High School Guys

Leaders: Todd Waits and Michael Wakefield