Adult Connect Groups

At University Hills, Connect Groups are the key connection point. Participants study God’s word and develop friendships with those in similar life circumstances. We’re ready to meet new friends every Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m. Below is a list of all our Adult Connect Groups. If you have any questions, please contact Bo Riley HERE, or if you would like to contact a Connect Group Leader, just click on their name below.

Co-Ed Young Adults (20's-30's)

College Students: Connect Hub [more info HERE]

Leaders: Bo Riley, Joshua Waits, and Eden Still

Young Professionals 1: Room 128

Leaders: Blair Austin and Griffin Templeton

Young Professionals 2: Room 401

Leader: David Kopti

Young Married: Room 130

Leaders: Barry & Laurin Austin and Coye & Sherra Still

Co-Ed Median Adults (30's-50's):

Adult J (30s-50s): Room 134

Leader: Chris Pluck

Adult L (30s-50s): Room 402

Leader: Janine Waits

Adult M (30s-50s): Choir Room

Leader: Mike Roberts

Adult C (40s-50s): Room 109

Leader: Mark Williams

Adult E (40s-50s): Room 200/Library

Leader: Becky Kumar

Adult F (40s-50s): Room 213

Leader: Beth Phillips

Adult G (50s): Room 216

Leader: Jim Watts

Co-Ed Senior Adults (60's+):

Adult H (50s-60s): Room 201

Leaders: Charles Hodges and C.L. Chappell

Adult B (60s): Room 121

Leader: Gerald Simpson

Adult A (65+): Room 211

Leader: Lewis Walker

Men Only and Women Only:

Men's B (Median Adult Men): Meets at Panera (9321 JW Clay Blvd)

Leader: Jeff Washburn

Men's A (Senior Adult Men): Room 132

Leader: Bill Marley

Women's: Room 123

Leaders: Belinda Richardson and Irene Kerr

Adult Connect Groups: the place for...

  • Discipleship: we are becoming more like Jesus through Gospel-Centered Bible study and relationships
  • Community: we are brought together around the Gospel and now enjoy investing in each other's lives
  • Mission: we are empowered and sent out by God's Spirit together with the Gospel to be salt in light in the world

Most Connect Groups use the Gospel Project, Bible Studies for Life, or Explore the Bible curriculum from Lifeway to study the Bible. Click on the above icons to learn more about each.